Ollie Hayes Illustration

Use Your Voice

Campaign designed to raise awareness of University Mental Health Day and their 2019 message, "use your voice.” Working with the University of Sheffield Student Communications team, I was asked to develop black and white illustrations of scenarios in which staff or students might benefit from "using their voice," or from a peer doing so (i.e. to ask if they needed help). These would be used on posters, plasma screens and social media platforms.

My ideas for content included social anxiety, substance abuse/self-medication, deadline pressure and bullying or harassment. I decided on a bold and conceptual approach to the form, striving to evoke the feeling of being in a poor mental state using dark, looming shapes which swallowed vulnerable, naively-drawn figures. The team praised the rough style of my initial drawings, and suggested a similarly rustic, sketchy aesthetic for the final artwork.

The final four images were chosen by the Student Communications team, and additional graphic design work was carried out by their visual designer, Ella Marke.

Pen on paper & Clip Studio Paint, 2019.