Ollie Hayes Illustration

MA Negotiated Project

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Playing Cards for the Visually Impaired

Molded from Billerud FibreForm


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The brief given by the client (Billerud) was to find new design applications for their FibreForm paper, a particularly durable and malleable paper which could be shaped and embossed very effectively.

Fellow designer Mridha Khanna and I decided to investigate the potential for using embossed paper to create tactile products for people with visual impairments. Together we conducted primary research at the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, interviewing their clients and developing our own individual concepts in response to our findings.

Having observed SRSB clients playing using specialist cards, and identifying several potential opportunities to improve on those cards’ design, I created this complete deck of tactile playing cards.

The design uses large shapes, colour combinations and font styles which are more perceptible to partially sighted people, but also have tactile and braille elements so they can be identified by touch alone.