Ollie Hayes Illustration

Animation & Video


Understanding Different Types of Variables

Commissioned by SAGE Publications. Adobe Flash Professional, 2016.

I was commissioned to animate a short pilot for a proposed series of educational videos for SAGE publications, ‘the world's leading independent academic publisher.’ This video is part of the SAGE Research Methods resource library, which provides material to guide users through the research process.

The brief provided by SAGE asked for a film of an animated character looking through resources in a library, while narrating information to the viewer. However, I suggested that a conceptual film might better illustrate and explain the concepts discussed. The client agreed to give me more control over the film, and the final infographic-style direction and content was all my own contribution. The script and voice track were provided by SAGE.

The video is hosted by SAGE at this link, and the full video is included here with their permission.


Macbeth, Act II Scene I

Work for my BA course. Adobe Flash Professional, 2013.

This animation was submitted for assessment as part of my English literature undergraduate degree, for a module entitled Shakespeare on Film. The brief was either to write an extended essay on two existing film adaptations of Shakespeare, or to adapt a scene ourselves. I chose the creative option, and wrote, voiced and animated this scene myself in under 3 weeks.

Read the accompanying rationale


Animation Segment for Reprobates (CW: implied hard drug use)

Commissioned by Beatniq Media. Adobe Animate, 2018.

This short animation was scripted by Zena Igbe for a comedy pilot, Reprobates, about ‘5 friends and their chaotic lives,’ which she wrote and directed. This spoof advert would appear before a genuine advert break in the middle of the show.


The Road

Work for my BA course. Final Cut Pro, 2011.

I wrote and co-directed this film for an unrestricted module entitled Short Film Production, which counted towards my undergraduate degree. Co-directed by Tim Brown.

Read the screenplay