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About Me

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I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with a first class bachelor’s degree in English literature, but afterwards chose to pursue a career as an artist. I have worked part-time as a freelance illustrator, designer and animator since 2016, and in September 2018 completed a master’s degree in design & illustration at Sheffield Hallam University. I am currently represented by Beehive Illustration for children’s book illustration.

I have also worked on several self-initiated independent projects, including two issues of a children’s comic set in my home town of Lyme Regis, and two webcomics, Bad Pudding (a gag strip) and Loud Boys (a satirical comic about the alt-right).

I work almost entirely digitally, using Clip Studio Paint, the Adobe suite and a Ugee pen display.

For inquiries about commissions or other business, please contact me using the form below.